Plateforme de Hacking est une communauté faisant évoluer un système de services vulnérables.

Nous apprenons à exploiter de manière collaborative des solutions permettant de détourner les systèmes d'informations.
Cet apprentissage nous permet d'améliorer les technologies que nous utilisons et/ou de mieux comprendre l'ingénierie social.

Nous défendons les valeurs de l'entraide, du challenge personnel et contribuons modestement à rendre l'expérience des utilisateurs finaux la plus agréable possible.

Vous pouvez nous rencontrer via notre salon irc.
Le forum est en cours de remplacement par une version plus moderne, et tout aussi faillible que l'ancien ^^.
A ce jours nous enregistrons plusieurs dizaines de hack réussi contre notre site, et ce chiffre est en constante évolution. Merci a tous les contributeurs!

La refonte est en version alpha. Cette nouvelle plateforme permet de pentester à distance sans avoir son matériel à disposition.
Via l'exécution de scripts python connecté en websocket à l'ihm web, nous pouvons piloter le chargement de scénario
d'attaque/défense en "multijoueur" ^^.
Le système permet de charger des scripts de bibliothèques partagées et de chiffrer les échanges selon les modules déployés.
Vous trouverez dans la rubrique article de nombreux tutoriels afin de mieux comprendre la sécurité informatique,
ainsi que différents articles plus poussés.
  • Sniffing
  • Cracking
  • Buffer overflow
  • Créations d'exploits
  • Social engineering
  • L'anonymat sur le web, spoofing
  • Bypass-proxy, Bypass-firewall
  • Injection de code SSI, SQL, etc...
  • Utilisation d'exploits, création de scripts(php, irc, perl)

Nous vous recommandons de sniffer votre réseau lors de votre navigation sur le site. La refonte vous fournira un outillage pour réaliser vos attaques/défenses.

Vous pourrez également participer à de nombreux challenges
Dernièrement, les missions relativent aux derniers produits open sources marchent bien :)

Votre ultime challenge sera de défacer HackBBS. De nombreuses failles sont présentes. A vous de les trouver et de les exploiter.

Cet ultime test permettra de constater votre réactions face à une faille.
Black ou White? ^^

Ezine du moment: HWA-hn3.txt
  =                    <=-[ ]-=>                            =
   `>[=HWA'99=]<                Number 3 Volume 1 Xmas Special'1998/99

  Sorry its late, there was some religious thing people were getting
  all antsy about and THEN all this drunkenness and stuff started it was
  quite strange really ... anyways here it is... - Cruci
            s   ohohoho                         sss
           s  ooooooooooo                     AAs  ss
          (0)  HHHH   HHH WWW           WW  AAAAA   ss
                 HH   HH   WW    WW    WW  AA   AA  (o)
	         HH   HH     WWWWWWWWWW  AA       AA 
               HHHH   HHH     WWW  WWW  AAA       AAA

   -= H W A . H A X 0 R . N E W S  C H R I S T M A S  S P E C I A L =-
   [] Which turned out to be the "New Years Special" but nevah mind []

   "I f*cking hate christmas, you know, its so fuc*ing commercialized
    and I always get like f*cking cDc t-shirts and Linux CD's, it sux"
      						 - BGates 12/17/98


  "hope i can get this out before 1999... cripes its bigger than I 
   thought.. omigod its eating me ! arrgh get em off me get em off me!
   uhm, anyway my apologies for the shabby layout of this issue, we were
   all wasted on valerian root and ganesh sticks ... 

				 - Ed (Slightly psychotic)

   The purpose of this list is to 'digest' current events of interest that
   affect the online underground and netizens in general. This includes
   coverage of general security issues, hacks, exploits, underground news
   and anything else I think is worthy of a look see.

    This list is NOT meant as a replacement for, nor to compete with, the
   likes of publications such as CuD or PHRACK or with news sites such as
   AntiOnline, the Hacker News Network (HNN) or mailing lists such as
   BUGTRAQ or ISN nor could any other 'digest' of this type do so.

    It *is* intended  however, to  compliment such material and provide a
   reference to those who follow the culture by keeping tabs on as many
   sources as possible and providing links to further info, its a labour
   of love and will be continued for as long as I feel like it, i'm not
   motivated by dollars or the illusion of fame, did you ever notice how
   the most famous/infamous hackers are the ones that get caught? there's
   a lot to be said for remaining just outside the circle... 

                     Welcome to ... #3
  Issue #3 ( The super /
    0.6 ... HWA FAQ V1.0   
    A.L ... Nothing. (Just put here to deliberately annoy people. -Ed.)
    1.0 ... Greets (!?!?!?)
    1.1 ... Last minute stuff, rumours, newsbytes, malebag
    1.1a .. The ongoing war against Pedophilia on The Net.
    1.1b .. ALERT!: Chinese Hackers Sentenced to Death, LoU preps for war.
    1.1c .. HWA mirrors Keen Veracity, the LoU hacking e-zine
    2.0 ... From the editor
    2.1 ... Email and Commentary
    2.2 ... Tron's death (Chaos Computer Club member)
    2.3 ... Santa in the nude?
    2.4 ... Remember the Hong Kong Blondes? cDc takes their leave.
    3.0 ... Santa's Dox *** HHN Exclusive! 
    3.1 ... Remote Explorer hits MCI *HARD*     
    4.0 ... Latest Web Browser Exploits (UPDATED - READER RESPONSE)
    4.1 ... Cyber Army's Present, the Anonymizer source!
    4.2 ... Windows Trojans Update & The New Remote Explorer NT Scare
    4.3 ... Fucking Hostile and HWA get jiggy wit it over issue #2
    5.0 ... l33t d00dz - by Flaming Cow
    5.1 ... Anti-Antionline?
    5.2 ... Bikkle gets the Pickle?
    6.0 ... The Christmas Hax0r Flood 
    6.1 ... Latest exploits & hacks (13th)
    6.2 ... Think Twice before becoming a Hacker Attacker!
    6.3 ... Hack Your Head Instead! xtc, exctasy, mdma, etc ...
    7.0 ... Hacking IRC'98 : Part 2:  Crashing Eggdrop bots
    7.1 ... Hacked Websites (Zillions of em!!)
    A.0 ... APPENDICES  
    A.1 ... PHACVW linx and references (Xm4s Special Edition)



     Important semi-legalese and license to redistribute:
     APPRECIATED the current link is
     ME PRIVATELY current email 
     Although this file and all future issues are now copyright, some of
    the content however holds its  own copyright and these are printed and
    respected. News is news so i'll print any and all news but will quote 
    sources when the source is known, if its good enough for CNN its good
    enough for me. And i'm doing it for free on my own time so pfffft. :) 
    No monies are made or sought through the distribution of this material.
    If you have a problem or concern email me and we'll discuss it.
    Cruciphux [C*:.]

     Wahoo, we now have a mail-drop, if you are outside of the U.S.A or 
    Canada / North America (hell even if you are inside ..) and wish to
    send printed matter like newspaper clippings a subscription to your
    cool foreign hacking zine or photos, small non-explosive packages
    or sensitive information etc etc well, now you can. (w00t)
    Send all goodies to:
    P.O BOX 44118
    370 MAIN ST. NORTH
    L6V 4H5
    Don't bother staking it out it gets forwarded elsewhere from there 
    and others pick up the mail ;-)
    Our email remains:
    Submissions/zine gossip.....:
    Private email to editor.....: (* changing soon)
    Phone number................: hahahaha uhm, no. maybe later thanks.
    Fax.........................: see above.
    Celfone?....................: Scan for it. the opto
    Uhm pager? .................: no. Stop that! ^G
    VMB.........................: How to irritate people w/John Cleese was on last 
    				  night, a jolly good shew no matter how often you've
    				  seen it.    

    System fail much? ..........: Not usually no, hrm lemme see

    12:10AM  up 2 days, 11:49, 2 users, load averages: 0.04, 0.02, 0.00
    12:20am up 1 day, 21:41h, 2 users, load average: 0.07, 0.13, 0.25
    Guh. oh ya, installed more hardware forgot .. bah. owell. ;-)

0.2  Sources ***

     Sources can be some, all, or none of the following (by no means complete
    nor listed in any degree of importance) Unless otherwise noted, like msgs
    from lists or news from other sites, articles and information is compiled
    and or sourced by Cruciphux no copyright claimed.

    HiR:Hackers Information Report...
    News & I/O zine .................
    News/Hacker site.................
    News (New site unconfirmed).......
    Back Orifice/cDc..................
    News site (HNN/l0pht),............
    Help Net Security.................
    News,Advisories,++ ...............
    NewsTrolls (HNN)..................
    News + Exploit archive ...........
    CuD ..............................
    News site+........................

    +Various mailing lists and some newsgroups, such as ... .. IRC list/admin archives  .. Jesse Berst's AnchorDesk

    ISN security mailing list

    NEWS Agencies, News search engines etc:
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~,18,1,00.html?querystr=cracker (Kevin Poulsen's Column)

    NOTE: See section 9.0 for more details on links.
    Referenced news links
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~,4586,2175287,00.html,3700,2175248,00.html  Another Agent Steal home page(?):

    All submissions that are `published' are printed with the credits
    you provide, if no response is received by a week or two it is assumed
    that you don't care wether the article/email is to be used in an issue
    or not and may be used at my discretion.
    Looking for:
    Good news sites that are not already listed here OR on the HNN affiliates
    page at
    Magazines (complete or just the articles) of breaking sekurity or hacker
    activity in your region, this includes telephone phraud and any other
    technological use, abuse hole or cool thingy. ;-) cut em out and send it
    to the drop box. Hell even a postcard would be cool, i'll scan em in and
    stick em in a postcard section on the site heh. I like mail. It is your
    friend. Spammers will be bumfucked by my pet doberman though. Or digitally
    destroyed. so be warned.  
    - Ed

      The only two people you need to know about at this time are sAs72
     who does website maintenance and Cruciphux who does editorial.
  ............. currently active currently active 

     * Formerly "Who am we?" otherwise unchanged since last issue.
       see the mini-bio on Cruciphux (next article) this issue (#3)
     Who cares? (Version 2.0) 
     Revised Xmas 98
     I do NOT work for the government in any shape or form other than
    paying uh some of my erhm taxes...well most of it but fuck you 
    you don't need to know that. 
    Ok i'm still a noone and a nobody, but yeah I *was* a hacker, been
    a cracker, ran a warez board (and a PD board) done some phone phun
    etc .. but all in my teens and i've since started wearing a "white
    hat" (but it has little grey specks on it I must admit) and I am in
    no way a "master hacker/phreaker" not "leet". I'm just me, take it or
    leave it, didn't want it, didn't need it, been there, done that ...
    you guys have the reigns now and i'm deadly curious as to what you're
    doing with them. Hell mail me for advice and shit if you want, i'll
    help if I can. I'll respond to all verifiable emails. Maybe even some's.  I hear there's a new movie out "You've got burned!"
    or something? sounds cool gotta check that out...    

    If you're really curious and have "mad sk1llz" you prolly know who I
    am or could find out if you care so much, bfd. I've nothing to hide
    go ahead, it might be fun. ;-) just don't come to my house to rag on
    my ass coz badness may reign down upon you,and I have some heavyweight
    friends  well we all die sometime if you 
    wanna go early, fine by me. 

    Version 1.0
    I am noone, a nobody, I am not a phed or a narq, I could be you. I do
    this for myself and some friends, you get something out of it too?
    'whump, there it is'. Thats all there is to it, nothing more, Neither
    am I a "hax0r" or a "cracker" and hell if I were, you think i'd
    broadcast it all over some crummy news sheet? heh, get over it, this
    is meant to be a fun read, nothing more, so get reading. and if you ain't
    smiling, you're taking things much too seriously. Keep hacking and stay
    free ... w00t.

       "Daddy. what does regret mean?"
   "Well son, the funny thing about regret is, that its better to regret
    something you HAVE done, than to regret something that you HAVEN'T 
    done, oh and by the way if you see your mom this weekend tell her 
    ... NFR!!!!" 
                      - Orbital	  				


0.4  Whats in a name? why
      Well what does HWA stand for? never mind if you ever find out I may
     have to get those hax0rs from 'Hackers' or the Pretorians after you.
     In case you couldn't figure it out hax0r is "new skewl" and although
     it is laughed at, shunned, or even pidgeon holed with those 'dumb
     leet (l33t?) dewds' *128) etc nullmodemed together with a bogus kinda 'lan' thingy
     that run in interpreter C= mode heh hell I remember paying $950
     for a 7 meg (seven megabytes) HD for my C64 bbs and thought I kicked
     ass. Oh yah I've run various bbs'es and even wrote one for the C= 
     machines INCLUDING the Vic-20 , someone said it couldn't be done so
     i just HAD to prove the fuqr wrong.  NEC-V20 chips anyone?
     Thats it. I had way more but that would be secret, hardware is kinda
     like sex the more you have the more people know about you etc ..
     Wierd machines: IBM RS6000, Ohio Scientific multi-processor 6502
     Atari 2600, Coleco Adam, TI thingy, IBM wierdness from some bank
     etc .. the Ohio Scientific was interesting, nice 17" hd in there
     and all the patients records were still on it... hrm. bing! ^G
     =null pointer assignment
     Part ii: Computers 0wn3d: (the other kind of leasing to 0wn)
     * Disclaimer:                                                       *
     * ----------                                                        *    
     * All illegal activities on my part ended on 11:59pm of the date    *
     * of .* 
     Uhm, well mostly .edu, some .gov two .mil, Motorolla, oh and I had
     mad fun with Northern Telecom. this is all pre-1989 and thats all 
     i'm saying on this matter. I did NO damage at any time to any hw or
     sw on any of the systems i entered.
     Phone systems? (cool aren't they?)
       Good for making fone calls with and confs, carding? not into it but
      at least one of my friends went to juvi for in excess of $250k in 
      cc phraud. Several visits to dumb friends by security types got me
      bored in confs pretty quick, much more interesting things to do and
      see, especially now with cell and digital phones etc QSL?
      Q: Do you have any hints for anyone?     A:yes. and here they are:
       Depending on your goals if you want to survive as a person of some 
      repute AND be active then good luck. Meanwhile as an ethical hacker
       or security professional  take  these rules to heart
      and memorize them, they're good, I wrote em. ;)
      note to self: stop smiling and grinning and shit so much
      self: fuck u thats me,live with it
      note to self: fine. see if I care.
      POP QUIZ !

      Section 1
      Q: Do you think you know what you are doing?
      A: Yes - See rules #1, #2 and #3 (thats ALL of them for you AOL'ers)
      Section 2    
      Q: Do you KNOW what you are doing?
      A: See rules #2 and #3 but think about #1 
      Section 3    
      Q: Did you answer yes to #2 buy feel a tinge of guilt, fear, terror
         or feel high? or a tingling in the thumbs or back of the neck?
      A: You're lying. Start again or go to bed and come back tomorrow.
         oh, and stop lying!
      Rule #1:  If its illegal and you're over  don't do it!! 
      Rule #2,  Don't get caught!! 
      Rule #3.  Did it and got away with it? well then wOOp for you, now
                keep your fucking mouth SHUT noone likes or even believes
                a braggart many people have been where you are now, its what
                you do NEXT that counts the most
       What do I do next?
       That depends, perhaps in a future article ....
      Q: Any parting comments?   A: Yes
      Have a safe and happy whatever this December.
      oh, and read the article on by xd0pEr in section 6.3
      possibly also check out the cool pyschologicl profile of a hacker
      engine (work in progress) at hrm forget the url, will look it up.
      Q: Did you interview yourself for this 'bit' ??
      A: These bytes you mean?, perhaps some of it but noone was looking...
      Now piss off. ;-) 

0.6  HWA FAQ v0.1 Dec 31st 1998/1999
    Q: Who the hell is Ed? I see - Ed. *EVERYWHERE* who is he/she!?!?!
    A: We checked this issue out and indeed Ed is everywhere, people are
       currently looking for this person coz noone can possibly be every
       where at the same time, unless .. they are, could it be? gh0d???   
    Q: WTF is @HWA a copyright notice?
    A: No. @HWA and  @HWA'98 does not denote (c) 1998 its just a cool 'end of
       article marker' thingy like some real mags have (Boot, now MaximumPC
       Sysadmin etc ...) however the newsletter IS (c) 1998/1999 so pfft. 
    Q: Are you a girl or a guy?
    A: NFC

    Q: Are you gay?
    A: None of your business, fuck off. I *am* happy however.
    Q: What does AAM, EoF, EoD,NFC, NFR, PHAC, P/H/A/C/CC/CT/G/V/W, Plik!
       and etc mean??
    A: Check out your favourite search engine and do a search for those terms
       like "phac meaning" etc (If you're from AOL remove the quotation marks 
       when you type that in, those are the two little dot things that seem to
       hang in the air above letters, they look like skydiving sperm) 
    Some of the stuff related to personal useage and use in this zine are
    listed below: Some are very useful, others attempt to deny the any possible
    attempts at eschewing obfuscation by obsucuring their actual definitions.
    !=   - Mathematical notation "is not equal to" or "does not equal"
           ASC(247)  "wavey equals" sign means "almost equal" to. If written
           an =/= (equals sign with a slash thru it) also means !=, =< is Equal
           to or less than and =>  is equal to or greater than (etc, this aint 
           fucking grade school, cripes, don't believe I just typed all that..)      
    AAM  - Ask a minor (someone under age of adulthood, usually <16, <18 or <21)
   *AOL  - A great deal of people that got ripped off for net access by a huge
           clueless isp with seckurity that you can drive buses through, we're
           not talking Kung-Fu being no good here, Buy-A-Kloo maybe?
    EoC  - End of Commentary
    EoA  - End of Article 
    EoF  - End of file
    EoD  - End of diatribe (AOL'ers: look it up)
    CC   - Credit Card phraud
    CCC  - Chaos Computer Club (Germany)
    NFC  - Depends on context: No Further Comment or No Fucking Comment
    NFR  - Network Flight Recorder (Do a websearch)
    PHAC - And variations of same  
           Phreaking, Hacking, Anarchy, Cracking, Carding (CC) Groups Virus, Warfare
          Alternates: H - hacking, hacktivist
                      C - Cracking 
                      C - Cracking 
                      W - Warfare 
                      CT - Cyber Terrorism
    TBC - To Be Continued also 2bc (usueally followed by ellipses...) :)
    TBA - To Be Arranged/To Be Announced also 2ba
A.L AOL. "We're better than a shoe up the arse from Henry Rollins!" - Steve Case
    AOL has even sparked a new movie along the lines of 'Sleepless in Seatle' or
    was it 'Where Eagles Dare'? hrm.. anyway its called 'You should bail!' and
    infers that everyone on AOL are morons and should dump AOL for a real ISP.
    Be sure to check it out at your local theatres now (or soon). - Ed <- look
    there the fuqr is again!
    AOL - The Angry Overpriced Lamer network is one of the worlds largest
          networks next to the one in my room, and runs of millions of
          .007 BogoMIP 8086's with Nec V20 mods. But seriously check out
          this url to see why you are being screwed:
     - Big evil grin
      - Big Grin
    Figure the rest out amongst yourselves, 'hack' the answer or try socialing
    it out of someone on #hackphreak or #hax* etc ... (#irchelp works too)      
      Why AOL sucks. Damn Good informative site.
    it made ME drop MY 9e99 hacked accounts immediately  no not
    really. AOL is lame period.
    Small excerpt from the site:
    America Online - Your Security 

    America Online's service, designed originally to handle about 30,000 users, is now
    serving millions. As a result, many of its flaws are coming out into the open -- one
    of the most prominent has been AOL's almost nonexistant security. In this mirror
    of the original AOL Security site, find out how it is that the AOL hacker
    community knows more about the service than AOL itself. 

    AOL: A Spammer's Paradise 

    Virtually every AOL member wages a day-to-day battle with unsolicited
    commercial junk mail. Is AOL doing all it can to stop its flow? Not a chance.
    AOL equips its users with nearly useless mail filtering options which do nothing but
    make spammers get a new domain name every day. In the process, AOL has
    made it easier and easier for spammers to build junk mail lists, and has done
    nothing to stop that "harvesting" beyond making it a TOS violation. 
    (TOS = terms of service - Ed)

0.7  Inspirations and turn ons / turn offs for 1998    
     Inspirations / turn ons etc:
     Official drink is .......... Coke Classic (obviously not Jolt)
     Best album release ......... Celebrity Skin/Hole
     Best music of the year ..... 'I think i'm Paranoid'/Garbage
                                  'Pure Morning'/Placebo       
                                  'Dragula'/Rob Zombie
                                  'Don't like the drugs..'/Marilyn Manson
     Joke of the year............. "The Apple Imac"               
     `Turn ons':
     Videos ..................... Pure Morning/Placebo
                                  Dragula/Rob Zombie
                                  Dope Show/Marilyn Manson
                                  Sparkle and Shine/Econoline Crush
     IRC network ................ Eris Free net (EFnet)
     TV ......................... Cable 87 (Rogers) ;-)
                                  7 Days
                                  The Net
                                  Fromage98 (and it isn't even on yet)
     Movies ..................... X-files (Wow! a long episode)
                                  Star Trek: Insurrection                             
     Hacktivist Group ........... Zapatista's 
     Hacker ..................... Kevin Mitnick
     Corporation ................ BMG ( nice site too.
                                  godmart (Sandles, staffs Connection Machines etc)
     "mega is just a short form for megamanic I guess" - Eatons Ad

     `Turn offs':
     Videos ..................... Dunno, don't watch shit videos, only good ones.
     IRC network ................ Uhm you know the one(s)
     TV.......................... TV , just turn it off period.
     				  Millennium, X-Files etc suck now most times
     				  they can't stick to a story, think they have
     				  ADHD.. hrm.
                                  CNN (Ya nice war dickweeds)			  
                                  Fromage98 (and it isn't even on yet)
     Movies ..................... X-files (Wow! a long episode)
                                  Star Trek: Insurrection                             
     Hacktivist Group ........... Zapatista's
     Hacker ..................... NFC
     Corporation ................ Go on take a guess. hrm lessee there are so 
                                  many of em... Mircosloth and AOL will do tho.
     NFC ........................ Bill Clinton's predickament
                                  War on Iraq the sequel Desert Fox (Desert fox off)
                                  Bombing Civilians     		 	
1.0  Greets!?!?! yeah greets! w0w huh. - Ed
     Thanks to all in the community for their support and interest but i'd
     like to see more reader input, help me out here, whats good, what sucks
     etc, not that I guarantee i'll take any notice mind you, but send in 
     your thoughts anyway.
     Special shoutouts to:

       * Kevin Mitnick (what can I say? hang in there man.)
       * demoniz
       * The l0pht crew
       * Weld Pond 
       * Ken Williams
       * Dicentra
       * Pyra 
       * Vexxation
       * FProphet
       * TP
       * The NeMstah Meistah
       * sAs72
       * R.Stevens (hi, nice house Robby!!)
       * V.D
       * D.B
       * all the people who sent in cool emails and support
       * Me, myself and I and everyone who reads this for whatever reasons.
     + (Went online same time we started issue 1!)     
     Prolly more next time. ;-) have to get ppl's ok first  you know 
     who you are fuqrz. heh. PliK!
     Fuck off's to: Those certain turn-coats and double dealing scumbags,
     you know who you are and what goes 'round comes round. Hi Jay! wtf
     you doing reading this?? fuck off!
     "I f*c! will 
     now be easier and more fun. Hell we even have a PoBOX snail mail address
     that has been graciously 'donated' to us, so send in those post cards and
     photos of your leet xmas private h0h0 con's etc ... ;-)
     See section 0.4 for our mail drop.

1.1  Last minute stuff, rumours and newsbytes

    +++  Keen Veracity has released issue #6, check it out 
         I got mine from a site off the main page at Bikkel, 
         it wasn't available on the site listed and LoU is
         renovating so ...
         Come get it here:
    +++  From 100% Pure Bikkel:
         Hacker gets hacked
         update by demoniz at Dec 28 , 12:25 CET

         LoRD OaK, the 'hacker' who defaced CyberArmy recently tries to keep
         the dispute between him and the webmaster of CyberArmy alive. He
         wrote 100 % Pure Bikkel: "I donno if it matters or not, but if you go
         to cyberarmy's webpage, it says the source was being "handed out" by
         someone. That someone is me and the webpage it was located at is under CGI-Warez. Also their script was already
         copyrighted and it is the EXACTLY the same script like word for word."
         No script at, but a hacked site. One who hacks, gets

         Archive of the site is available at
         ** Confine Web site
         ** When I tried reaching this site on the 28th at 12:01 EST it
            was unreachable - Ed
         Text reads (formatting not preserved, see Bikkel's archive): 
         " Milw0rm,   this site was hacked f0r a reas0n.   One 0f are small
          time friends n0t stating any names was hacked by a s0 called l0rd 
          0ak. the wrath will be felt. give sh0t 0uts to all my br0ther's in
          milw0rm and als0 t0 kingdem0ni0

          hacked by milw0rm J.C."
         ** 01:00am EST Friday i'm too busy. & a tad tired, so threw the rest
            of the zine together at the last minute as usual and tossed it up
            on the web. See you  on the 13th... now to send the word out..    
            and back to work on issue #4 

      EHAP stands for Ethical Hackers Against Pedophilia. Watch for a 
     feature article on this organization in an upcoming issue. I just
     wanted to put this in this issue coz while some people are sitting
     around the xmas tree opening prezzies that santa left them, somewhere
     someone is being buggered or sodomized. That act is then being 
     photographed, scanned and spread on the net. This must be stopped.
     And EHAP has some ideas on how to do just that. - Ed

     From main page December 31st 1998:
     12.02.98    Japan criticized for slack policing of Internet CP
     December 02, 1998

     TOKYO -- Hundreds of pornographic images of children flood
     Internet sites with addresses ending in "jp." It's a tip-off that they
     originate in Japan -- and that there is basically nothing officials can
     do about it. With no laws explicitly banning child pornography, Japan
     has acquired the dubious distinction of being the global leader in the
     fast-growing Internet child pornography business. Japanese police
     say there are about 1,200 commercial child pornography Internet
     sites in Japan. Some feature photos of children from Japan, others
     of Southeast Asian children. Keiji Goto, a senior official at the
     National Police Agency, said police are frustrated by cases in which
     they identified the source of a pornographic site but were unable to
     take further action.      

     Full story:
     December 28th 8:55am PST
     Story sourced from:: Wired News


     Editor Comments:

     Just picked this up by Wired News ... not a nice story for this "xmas 
     special" Is this what the world is coming to? some countries don't fuck 
     around with ANY sort of anti-government sentiment, this is a classic example
     especially to 'the newbie contingent' to be damn sure you KNOW WHAT YOU'RE 
     GETTING YOURSELF INTO and be sure to cover your ass/tracks or you may get 
     something pushed up there, or even worse, be terminated 

     The Story:
     Chinese Crackers Get Death (Reuters 8:55 a.m.  28.Dec.98.PST)
     SHANGHAI, China -- Two crackers who broke into a bank computer network 
     and stole 260,000 yuan (US$31,400) have been sentenced to death by a court
     in eastern China, the official Wenhui Daily said on Monday.  

     Hao Jinglong, formerly an accountant at the Zhenjiang branch of the 
     Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, was condemned to death, as was his
     brother, Hao Jingwen, the newspaper said. The Yangzhou Intermediate Court 
     in Jiangsu province also confiscated 40,000 yuan from Hao. 

     The two opened 16 accounts under various names in a branch of the bank in
     September and later broke into the branch to install a controlling device
     in a bank computer terminal, the newspaper said. 

     They used the device to electronically wire 720,000 yuan in non-existent
     deposits into the bank accounts. Afterward, they successfully withdrew
     260,000 yuan from eight different branches of the bank, the newspaper

     All the money has since been recovered, the newspaper said, without giving
     further details. 
     Copyright 1998 Reuters Limited. 
     Contrib: Ed
     Two sentenced for subverting state

     THE Chinese courts yesterday sentenced two men convicted of subverting 
     state power to 13 and 11 years in prison respectively. Xu Wenli, a 
     Beijing resident, and Wang Youcai, of East China's Zhejiang Province,
     also received a three-year deprivation of their political rights from
     the Beijing No 1 Intermediate People's Court and the Intermediate 
     People's Court of Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang. 

     Both Xu and Wang previously served prison terms in China. 

     In an open trial yesterday, the Beijing No 1 Intermediate People's Court
     found that in November this year, with the purpose of subverting state 
     power, Xu secretly planned the founding of the so-called "Beijing and 
     Tianjin Regional Party Committee of the China Democratic Party," 
     formulated this illicit organization's constitution, and served as its

     The court also found that Xu made efforts to recruit party members, 
     planned to convene a national party congress, and sought and accepted 
     funds from some hostile overseas organizations in order to organize, plan
     and conduct subversive activities. 

     It was also proven by court investigation that from November 1997 to April
     1998, Xu used various means to stir up subversive activities. After hearing
     opinions from the prosecutors and the defence, the court ruled that in 
     accordance with relevant stipulations in China's Criminal Law, Xu's 
     activities constituted the crime of subverting state power, and he should 
     be punished according to law as both a principal element in the case and a

     In an open trial in Zhejiang, the Intermediate People's Court of Hangzhou 
     found that in June this year, with the purpose of subverting state power, 
     Wang secretly planned to found an illicit organization called the "China 
     Democratic Party," formed a "Zhejiang Preparatory Committee for the China
     Democratic Party," and formulated a party constitution and a declaration. 

     The court also found that in order to organize, plan and conduct subversive
     activities, Wang contacted some hostile overseas organizations, from which 
     he sought and accepted financial support. 

     After hearing the opinions of the prosecutors and the defence, the court 
     ruled that in accordance with relevant stipulations in China's Criminal Law
     Wang's activities constituted the crime of subverting state power, that the
     crime was severe, and that he should also be punished as a recidivist. 

     Xu and Wang families and people from various walks of life attended yesterday's
     court hearings. (Xinhua)

     Date: 12/22/98
     Copyright by China Daily 
1.1b LoU declares war ,,,just do it right guys.

     From HNN   

    " War declared on China and Iraq "

     contributed by Legion of the Underground 
     In a very heated and emotional discussion Legion of the
     Underground declared cyber-war on the information
     infrastructure of China and Iraq last night. They cited
     severe civil rights abuses by the governments of both
     countries as well as the recent sentencing to death of
     two bank robbers in China and the production of
     weapons of mass destruction by Iraq as the reasons for
     their outrage. 
     Quoting from the Declaration of Independence about the
     right of the people to govern themselves and stating
     that the US government will probably stand idly by while
     these atrocities happen in other countries the Legion of
     the Underground called for the complete destruction of
     all computer systems in China and Iraq. 
     "The Government controls what goes into our mouths
     lets not let them do the same with what comes out!"
     said one LoU member during a press conference held on
     IRC Monday night. 
     LoU mentioned that they may seek out assistance in
     their war from the Hong Kong Blondes. The HKBs are a
     well known group attempting to cause mayhem on
     China's internetworks from within the Iron Curtain. The
     HKBs where trained and assisted, until recently, by the
     infamous Cult of the Dead Cow hacking group. 

     Legion of Underground gained previous notoriety back in
     October for defacing the Chinese Human Rights web site
     a day after it went online. 

     Legions of the Underground
     CNN - article on bank robbers sentenced to death
     Read the Wired News coverage its better but here's part of CNN's
     Reuters blurb:
     China sentences hackers to death for
     bank theft

     December 28, 1998 
     Web posted at: 3:09 AM EST (0809 GMT) 

     SHANGHAI, China (Reuters) -- Two hackers who broke into a bank
     computer network and stole 260,000 yuan (31,400) have been sentenced to
     death by a court in eastern China, the official Wenhui Daily said on Monday.
     They used the device to electronically wire 720,000 yuan in non-existent
     deposits into the bank accounts. Afterwards, they successfully withdrew
     260,000 yuan from eight different branches of the bank, the newspaper said.

     Copyright 1998 Reuters. All rights reserved. 
     ** "This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed"
     ** ok, i'll just note some of it then ... - Ed ;-)
     HWA Comments:
     Great fun, glad i'm not living in China, give these fuckers some shit guys!
     take the damn infrastructure down. We can NOT let this sort of thing go on
     Kevin Mitnick gets 3yrs with no trial and China is fucking killing people,
     this is now open cyber-war. Thats what they want?, thats what they're going
     to get. 
     Prepare for armageddon. Is an electonic world war imminent?
     - Ed

     @ HWA'98     
1.1c  HWA Mirrors Keen Veracity
     The site had me going for a bit there, most amusing, we thought you'd been
     hacked for like 25ms, anyways theres an insiduous hack for you, put that on
     a real hacked page and ppl will think ah, sysadmin's just having some fun..
     hrm. And my Santa's Credit Report section is from a real cc report too. :)
     Jan 1st 1999
     The LoU site greeted users with the following screen:

     to the Legions of assistance for Sick, and disfunctional children. We are currently working side by side with the Feed the Children Foundation aswell as The
     Childrens Hospital Network. Our site is under construction. Please check back soon... 

     Please visit one of our Sponsors: Childrens Hospital Feed the Children

     We are a non-profit organization

     Read the source, and you shall be FREE! 

     With links to
     The relevant section in the source was this:
      FYI "